About Read-A-Thon.com

We are proud to work with our partners at Read-A-Thon.com to power this national summer reading read-a-thon! This amazing platform is where our readers will record their reading times and raise money for libraries.

Once you sign up your child they will receive an email from Read-A-Thon.com to give them access to build a personal Read-a-thon page that they share with friends and family using social media, email or text. This personal Read-a-thon page includes two elements. It includes a dashboard to help readers and their families stay up to date with all Read-a-thon information and tools. The other page is the Reader Donate page. This is the page readers tell friends and family about their reading adventure. This is the page that asks those people to make a one-time online donation to support the reader and your fundraiser.

Unlike other fundraisers, a Read-a-thon does not require many volunteers. There is no cash to handle; no record keeping; and nothing to sell. We just need parents like you to sign you children up for summer reading at their local library then sign up here to get access to their personal pages where you can record your children's reading times and help them raise money.

EveryLibrary will get to keep 80% of the money donated. Read-A-Thon receives about 7% of all donations and reader prizes will take up another 13% of what they personally raise.

Meet Claudia from Richland Elementary School. Not only did she love participating in the Read-a-thon and excelling to the top of her school with the most sponsors and the most amount raised, Claudia has dyslexia. Participating in the Read-a-thon allowed her to grow a love for reading and be cheered on by friends and family around the world despite her disability. Way to go Claudia. You Rock!