For Authors

Are you a children's author and interested in promoting your children’s book to a dedicated group of readers? Would you like to promote your book to potentially millions of American children who already love to read and are looking for their next book while supporting libraries and reading in the United States? You can do it through our National Read-A-Thon for Libraries.

It’s easy to promote your book through our Read-a-thon where you can place ads for your book on several pages that are viewed by participant’s family, friends, and supporters. You can purchase this advertising space for as little as $250 and you can design your own ad that displays your book, a link to your Amazon or author page, and a brief description. Your ad will be posted on our group page, our reader dashboards and the pages that potential sponsors visit to donate money to our individual readers. That can be quite an extensive reach for your book and as our network of readers grows you will be able to reach even more people!

You can see how far a $250 ad will go here.  

If you’d like to reach more Americans then you can make a donation of $500 and we’ll showcase your book on our twitter feed and our Facebook page with over 250,000 likes. Our Facebook page reaches about 1 million Americans each week and we know these are Americans who love reading so this could be an excellent opportunity!

If you’d like to reach still more Americans then you can make a donation of $1,000 on this page and you’ll get everything listed above and you will have an opportunity create a blog post on where you can pitch your book or post a video to promote it as well as $150 in paid ads to young readers on our FB page.