Business Sponsorships

When you support our Read-a-thon your business advertisement is placed on several pages that are viewed by our reader's family, friends, and supporters. That means that not only will you be able to support summer reading and literacy, but you will also get the opportunity to advertise your business to potentially millions of Americans.

You can purchase advertising space for as little as $250 and you can showcase your logo, address, phone number and website. That information will be posted on our group page, our reader dashboards and the pages that potential sponsors visit to donate money to our readers. That can be quite an extensive reach for your small or large business!

Click here to get started with an ad that could reach millions of Americans

Purchasing advertising space is easy! You can simply click on this link and see how far your ads will run. This number will continue to grow as more readers sign up so don't fall behind in finding the advertising space. 

You can also visit EveryLibrary's fundraising page and click "donate." Once you do, you'll be prompted choose how you want to donate. To run an ad, just select "Donate as a Business Sponsor." Then simply follow the steps to build your ad and get your organization advertised to potentially millions of Readers and other Sponsors!