Combat the Summer Slide with Summer Reading

For kids, summer means no school and unlimited play time. For parents, summer means babysitters, vacations and stress. In all that summer activity, one of most important activities often gets lost.

Childhood education is a non-stop adventure that takes no breaks, not even summer break, or at least it’s not supposed to stop. However, we often we see this adventure halt over summer break. This is often an accidental lapse but it can have unintended consequences. In fact, the summer slide has been described as ‘devastating’ by Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education under Barack Obama. Just one summer of slumping can set up a child for educational ruin in the future. The effects of this summer slide follow children though higher education.

Luckily, combating this dreaded slide is easy and can be done with just 20 minutes of reading a day.

Study after study shows that summer reading is the kryptonite to the summer slide. By being stimulated in an educational manner for just those 20 minutes, kids are fending off the plague that constantly threatens to derail an educationally prosperous life.

Almost 95% of libraries across the country have some form of program over the summer that promotes reading or education. More and more are moving towards a ‘hybrid program’ that teaches valuable life lessons on top of keeping them intellectually stimulated. These programs, are commendable and should be implemented across the country.

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That’s why we must fight to ensure that every library in America has a basic summer reading program. We can only do this through your support and donations and that is why we are running our national Summer Read-A-Thon to support libraries. In this program children will be encouraged to read 20 minutes a day throughout July and raise money for libraries in the United States. Through these 20 minutes of daily reading, your kids can win prizes that range from stickers, to Amazon gift cards to an Amazon Kindle Fire for our most prolific readers!

Thank you in advance for everything you do to help us in our mission to ensure no child in America is without a library.