Getting Started With Your Summer Read-A-Thon!

Our Summer Read-A-Thon to support libraries in the United States has officially begun! Here are some tips to help you make the most out of this program and help you raise as much money as you can throughout July.

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Summer Reading Recommendation

Camilla Chance, the Australian bestselling author of Wisdom Man, has a new young adult fantasy romance novel, titled Melissa & Kasho that was released March 17, 2018 and is one of our featured authors for this Summer Read-A-Thon.

You might have seen her book on your reader dashboards and fundraising pages already. Well, here is a little more about her work!

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9 Ways You Can Halt The "Summer Learning Slide"

Yay, summer! Swimming, lazy days, lots of time outdoors, and, for teachers and parents, the dreaded “summer slide.”

The tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the school year, the summer slide is all too real. With schools closed and sunny weather activities, things like reading and math take a backseat for a few months.

Libraries are powerful resources to help halt the summer slide. They provide young people with access to books, digital tools, programming, workshops, challenges, tech tools and more. Here are nine ways libraries help halt the summer slide.

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The Summer Slide is Real - Here's How to Stop It

For most kids, summer is the best time of the year. No school, unlimited time to play outside, and plenty of fun with friends. But for educators and parents, summertime signals a period in which our kids' academic growth is challenged and - in some cases - lost. This decline in academic ability is known as the "Summer Slide".

At EveryLibrary, we believe education is a never-ending road that you must always move forward. This summer we are launching our first ever Summer Read-a-Thon in an effort to help kids climb over this barrier and emerge stronger at the end of the summer.

For educators and parents, this unfortunate reality is obvious. For some, it is an unproven theory that is lacking in academic research. This ambiguity can deter some people from contributing to our cause.

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How the summer slide affects disadvantaged communities

Summer reading should be a cornerstone of the summer for every child in America. For many low income or underprivileged children, this is not a possibility. Often these children are hit especially hard by the summer slide and suffer disproportionately than their more financially stable classmates.

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Combat the Summer Slide with Summer Reading

For kids, summer means no school and unlimited play time. For parents, summer means babysitters, vacations and stress. In all that summer activity, one of most important activities often gets lost.

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Summer Learning Slide

Do you ever feel like your child’s educational progress is stunted by summer break?

Well you’re right! Studies show that school children who do not read or participate in educational endeavors over the summer tend to be behind their peers when the school year starts up again.

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