For Schools

If you’re looking for a summer reading program for your students that is both fun and rewarding, you can encourage your students to get involved in our summer reading program. Just download this flyer and send it home with your students.

Read For Libraries is a program that encourages reading, building literacy skills, and promoting a sense of civic pride by fundraising for EveryLibrary. EveryLibrary is a national non-profit that fights for library funding so that children have access to reading material and learning opportunities all year long. Of course, your students are eligible to win great prizes for their individual fundraisers!

But that's not all. Throughout the summer we'll be using the money we raise to educate parents about fighting against the dreaded summer slide so that your students come back to school next year with a head start on literacy.

Get your students involved in this program.
Just click here to download a flyer to send home with your students.

The main focus of Read For Libraries is for communities to come together to commit to improving reading skills for students. To that end, Read For Libraries promises to be a fun, exciting journey for all participants as they begin a personal Reading Adventure that challenges each reader to read just 20 minutes a day throughout the month of July.

We made it easy for you to encourage the students in your school to sign up for this program! All you have to do is print or email this flyer and send it home with your students. 

It's easy for parents to sign their children up for this program! Here's how it works:

  • Parents simply visit and sign their children up.
  • Within a few days, they'll receive a link to their child's personal reading log and fundraising page where they can record the minutes they read each day in July and where people can make donations to their child's fundraiser for libraries.
  • Children can raise money for libraries and win great prizes based on how much they raise after reading 20 minutes a day or at least 10 hours throughout July.