Summer Learning Slide

Do you ever feel like your child’s educational progress is stunted by summer break?

Well you’re right! Studies show that school children who do not read or participate in educational endeavors over the summer tend to be behind their peers when the school year starts up again.

We at EveryLibrary are here to stop that! We recognize the importance of continual educational development and we understand that a long summer break away from school and educational resources is a significant roadblock in the way of year-round learning.

Our Summer Read-A-Thon is aimed at breaking down that road block and keeping your kids cruising on the road to prosperity. We hope your children can help us by pushing back against this barrier by dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to reading throughout the month of July. It's important to participate in this month of reading because studies show that repeating an action for 20 or more days helps it become a habit. Lucky for us, the month of July has 31 days which means that your children will be well on their way to making reading a lifelong habit.

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We don't want you to stop there though! Libraries across the country are participating in summer reading programs. These programs extend beyond just the month of July and help extend the habit of reading and learning. You can typically sign up for your library's summer reading program just by stopping by. The library and it's passionate librarians are also great resources to help find reading materials that your children will love year-around.

We hope that by incentivizing reading, with fabulous prizes, our children can discover the joy of reading and develop valuable lifelong habits.

We hope you can join us on our journey to put an end to the dreaded summer slide.